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aaaaaaaaaaaaaand thennnnnnnnn

I also sent in a mylist set for the Buzz. It consisted of the following 10 songs:

1. Depeche Mode- Enjoy the Silence

2. Postal Service- Such Great Heights

3. Fiona Apple- Extraordinary Machine

4. The Dandy Warhols- Bohemian Like You

5. Garbage- Temptation Waits

6. Orgy- Blue Monday

7. The Cure- Just Like Heaven

8. Pinback- Good to Sea

9. Ben Folds Five- Don't Change Your Plans

10. Presidents of the USA- Body

If you're laffing, shut up your face.

That is all.

BethSmells is the champion...

...and always will be! Or at least until someone comes to play that bar top game thingie again... or until the machine gets reset next week. Srsly, I didn't know that tapping the screen randomly would kill our search time. O_o

Thanks for the street cred Dusty, you're a peach... the fuzzy kind.

So the other day Dusty and I got together for the ol' banterfest + cafe routine.

It was time well needed, full of both random and not so random subjects, and packed with enough smiles to rev up a tooth fairy's appetite. We must do it again soon, for I demand such things.

That's what she said.

the end.

Glass is happening...

... and its happening HARD! Unnnnngh!


Yeah, so lately I've been spending a lot of time with my friend Laura, who is not only full of the awesomesauce, but overflowing with artistic talent. Being around her is leveling up my creativity ten fold, which is pretty fecking sweet.

Last night I got to be a part of making a bowl at the glass blowing studio, and it was pretty amazing stuff. I also got to help (more like watch) with her fusing of new dichro jewelery for this weekend's Farmers Market. By the by, ifn you guys happen to be out and about, look for me there. We set up shop almost every Saturday selling shiny things. If nothing else, come to stare at the shiny things... ...and my cat ears. rawr.


'nough said.

Anywho, 1 week from tomorrow! Squeeeeeee!

Other than that, I started feeling a little funky over the weekend. My nose started uncontrollably dripping almost water-like snot, and would not stop. I thought it was allergies, but alas, the allergy pills did not work. It didn't feel like I had a cold, but I tried the Dayquil as well. Nope. Just kept running. Grrrr.

I feel a little better today, but still a kinda funky.


Invasion... 2 weeks and counting...


This means 2 weeks... 2 freaking weeks until its finally here! I CANNOT WAIT! (Though I kinda have too.) Sorry guys. I'm totally on this bandwagon, and I ain't jumpin' off.


That is all.

oh, and have a good day too. Really.

ZAP - Pi

The best part is the fat kid who is disappointed that it isn't "pie"... Plus all the other random s**t. HAHA!


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Canada Dry Chronicles

Nobody in Topeka has any lemon-lime flavor Canada Dry. I ventured to all the stores in Topeka, and failed my mission. I'm thiiiiiiirrrrrrssssstttttyyyyyy. Fuck Topeka. *FROWNY FACE*

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Not much going on in my world

Last night: Played We Love Katamari... Talked with my folks and my sister on the phone, all at the same time while playing it. Watched Pee Wee and Shin Chan... Went to bed.

I swear, I am one boring kid.

I've been a Myspace nerd...

Recently, I've totally been a nerd on Myspace! I have sent friend requests to 3 Voice Actors and Paul Reubens. Yay me!


I'm tired...